Prolonged Absorption of Antimony(V) by the Oral Route from Non-inclusion Meglumine Antimoniate-β-cyclodextrin Conjugates
Pharmacokinetic Study on the Mechanism of Interaction of Sulfacetamide Sodium with Bovine Serum Albumin
Simulation of Sirolimus Exposures and Population Variability Immediately Post Renal Transplantation
Formulation and Biopharmaceutical Evaluation of a Transdermal Patch Containing Letrozole
Interaction of Angiotensin Receptor Type 1 Blockers with ATP-binding Cassette Transporters
Simple Pharmacometric Tools for Oral Anti-Diabetic Drug Development
Interaction of Eight HIV Protease Inhibitors with the Canalicular Efflux Transporter ABCC2 (MRP2) in Sandwich-cultured Rat and Human Hepatocytes
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Controlled Release Insulin Loaded PLGA Microcapsules using Dry Powder Inhaler in Diabetic Rats
Pre-clinical Evidence of Enhanced Oral Bioavailability of the P-Glycoprotein Substrate Talinolol in Combination with Morin