Interaction between kisspeptin and adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide 1 on the expression of pituitary gonadotropin subunits: a study using mouse pituitary lbetaT2 cells†

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We examined direct effect of kisspeptin on pituitary gonadotrophs. Kisspeptin-10 (KP10) significantly increased the promoter activities of the gonadotropin subunits, common alpha-glycoprotein (Cga), luteinizing hormone beta (Lhb), and follicle-stimulatinghormone beta (Fshb) in LbetaT2 cells overexpressing kisspeptin receptor (Kiss1r). KP10 and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) increased gonadotropin subunit levels to similar degrees and combined treatment with GnRH and KP10 did not potentiate their individual effects. Adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide 1 (ADCYAP1) also stimulates all three gonadotropin subunits. When cells were stimulated with both KP10 and ADCYAP1, expression of gonadotropin subunits was further increased compared to KP10 or ADCYAP1 alone. KP10 and GnRH dramatically increased serum response element (Sre) promoter levels but only slightly increased cAMP response element (Cre) promoter levels. Combined stimulation with KP10 and GnRH further increased Sre promoter levels. In contrast, ADCYAP1 slightly increased Sre promoter expression but did not modify the effect of KP10. However, ADCYAP1 increased Cre promoter to greater levels than KP10 alone, and combined treatment with KP10 and ADCYAP1 further increased Cre promoter expression. KP10 increased the expression of ADCYAP1 type I receptor (Adcyap1r) and the basal activity of the Cga promoter was increased at a higher Adcyap1r transfection level. The KP10-induced fold increase in all three gonadotropin subunit promoters was not altered by transfection with a higher amount of Adcyap1r vector. Our findings using model cells show that distinct signaling activation by ADCYAP1 potentiates the action of KP10. We also found that KP10 increases Adcyap1r expression.

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