Mitochondria Revisited. Alternative Functions of Mitochondria
An Uncoupling of the Processes of Oxidation and Phosphorylation in Glycolysis
Mitochondrial Dehydrogenases in Different Taxa of Tetrahymena
Imprinting Effects of Proline Containing Dipeptides (Proline-Glycine, Proline-Leucine, Proline-Valine and Their Retro Variants) in Tetrahymena. Evolutionary Conclusions
Sodium Nitrite Alone Protects the Brain Microsomal Ca2+-ATPase Against Potassium Cyanide-induced Neurotoxicity In Rats
Apoptosis Dependent Decrease of the Intramembrane Ion Traffic in Cultured Mouse Fibroblasts Shown by Conductivity Dispersion
Sensitivity of Ca2+ Transport of Mitochondria to Reactive Oxygen Species
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