Biophysical Aspects of Using Liposomes as Delivery Vehicles
Towards an Understanding of Complex Biological Membranes from Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations
NMR Studies of Drug Interaction with Membranes and Membrane-Associated Proteins
Liposome Clearance
Controlling the Physical Behavior and Biological Performance of Liposome Formulations through Use of Surface Grafted Poly(ethylene Glycol)
Tumor-Directed Targeting of Liposomes
Cationic Liposome-Mediated Gene Delivery In vivo
Plasmid Delivery in the Rat Brain
Complex Roles of CpG in Liposomal Delivery of DNA and Oligonucleotides
Delivery of Protein Antigens to the Immune System by Fusion-Active Virosomes : A Comparison with Liposomes and ISCOMs
Liposomal Delivery of CTL Epitopes to Dendritic Cells
Antigen Delivery to Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissues Using Liposomes as a Carrier