Type 1 Diabetic Serum Interferes with Pancreatic β-cell Ca2+-Handling
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Characterization of Duplex Formation between 2′-O, 4′-C-Methylene-modified Oligoribonucleotides, DNA and RNA
Cholesterol Reporter Molecules
Animal and Human Health Implications of Avian Influenza Infections
Genome Re-duplication and Irregular Segregation Occur During the Cell Cycle of Entamoeba histolytica
An Artificial Mitochondrial Tail Signal/Anchor Sequence Confirms a Requirement for Moderate Hydrophobicity for Targeting
FSH-Sensitive Murine Sertoli Cell Lines Immortalized by Human Telomerase Gene hTERT Express the Androgen Receptor in Response to TNF-α Stimulation
Comments on the Article by Christensen U, Holm J and Hansen SI (2006) Bioscience Reports 26:291–299