Applying Science
“The Importance of Benthic Habitats for Coastal Fisheries” (Kritzer et al. 2016): Soft Bottoms Are Biologically Productive, Not “Abiotic”
Scientific Evidence for Fifty Percent?
The Extinction Risk and Conservation Status of Most National Plants Are Unknown
International Wildlife Law: Understanding and Enhancing Its Role in Conservation
Paleoecology—Looking to the Past to Inform the Future
Biodiversity in the City: Fundamental Questions for Understanding the Ecology of Urban Green Spaces for Biodiversity Conservation
Terrestrial Invertebrates in the Riparian Zone: Mechanisms Underlying Their Unique Diversity
When, Where, and How Nature Matters for Ecosystem Services: Challenges for the Next Generation of Ecosystem Service Models
A Rubric to Evaluate Citizen-Science Programs for Long-Term Ecological Monitoring
The Effort-Outcomes Relationship in Applied Ecology: Evaluation and Implications
Shipbuilding Docks as Experimental Systems for Realistic Assessments of Anthropogenic Stressors on Marine Organisms
Invasion Dynamics: From Invasion Biology to Invasion Science
Thinking like a Watershed
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Phytoremediation of Lead: What Works, What Doesn't