J D Bernal and the replication of the genetic material - hindsight on foresight
In memoriam
Ernst Mayr in Japan, October 1994
Ernst Mayr - teacher, mentor, friend
Ernst Mayr and the complexity of life
A destiny to fulfill
Living in a physical world IV. Moving heat around
What history tells us II. The discovery of chaperone function
Ion-swimming speed variation of Vibrio cholerae cells
Structural organization of the transfer RNA operon I of Vibrio cholerae
Kinetics of fatty acid binding ability of glycated human serum albumin
Amelioration of altered antioxidant status and membrane linked functions by vanadium and Trigonella in alloxan diabetic rat brains
Enhanced analgesic effect of morphine-nimodipine combination after intraspinal administration as compared to systemic administration in mice
Indian herb ‘ Sanjeevani ' ( Selaginella bryopteris ) can promote growth and protect against heat shock and apoptotic activities of ultra violet and oxidative stress
Contribution of root respiration to soil respiration in a C3/C4 mixed grassland
Will transgenic plants adversely affect the environment?
Detergent-resistant membranes in human erythrocytes and their connection to the membrane-skeleton