Putting T cells to sleep
Pictures at an exhibition
Leishmanial proteins can correct human mitochondrial mutations
Ethics, animals and the nonhuman great apes
Adventures in physiology
Living in a physical world IX. Making and maintaining liquid water
What history tells us VII. Twenty-five years ago
Cortical activation during finger tapping in thyroid dysfunction
Dynamic light scattering study of peanut agglutinin
Translesion DNA polymerases Pol ξ, Pol η, Pol ι, Pol κ and Rev1 are not essential for repeat-induced point mutation in Neurospora crassa
Microarray analysis of adipose tissue gene expression profiles between two chicken breeds
Vitamin C improves basal metabolic rate and lipid profile in alloxan-induced diabetes mellitus in rats
Effect of a novel insulinotropic agent, succinic acid monoethyl ester, on lipids and lipoproteins levels in rats with streptozotocin-nicotinamide-induced type 2 diabetes
Cell volume regulation in the perfused liver of a freshwater air-breathing catfish Clarias batrachus under aniso-osmotic conditions
Potential application of urea-derived herbicides as cytokinins in plant tissue culture
Influence of jasmonic acid as potential activator of induced resistance against Karnal bunt in developing spikes of wheat
Combinative effects of a bacterial type-III effector and a biocontrol bacterium on rice growth and disease resistance
Cytomixis impairs meiosis and influences reproductive success in Chlorophytum comosum (Thunb) Jacq. — An additional strategy and possible implications
Nitrogen fixation in lichens is important for improved rock weathering
Interactions among endophytic bacteria and fungi
Patterns of tree growth in relation to environmental variability in the tropical dry deciduous forest at Mudumalai, southern India
On the conspecificity of Anopheles fluviatilis species S with Anopheles minimus species C