Phenotypic and Developmental Plasticity
How phenotypic plasticity made its way into molecular biology
Helicobacter urease
Epigenetics of the yeast galactose genetic switch
Human pancreatic islet progenitor cells demonstrate phenotypic plasticity in vitro
Relationship among phenotypic plasticity, phenotypic fluctuations, robustness, and evolvability; Waddington's legacy revisited under the spirit of Einstein
The other side of phenotypic plasticity: a developmental system that generates an invariant phenotype despite environmental variation
Cell state switching factors and dynamical patterning modules: complementary mediators of plasticity in development and evolution
Looking at the origin of phenotypic variation from pattern formation gene networks
Does geometric morphometrics serve the needs of plasticity research?
Ageing and cancer as diseases of epigenesis
Phenotypic plasticity and longevity in plants and animals: cause and effect?
Functional adaptation and phenotypic plasticity at the cellular and whole plant level
Odour avoidance learning in the larva of Drosophila melanogaster
Epigenetic learning in non-neural organisms