Expanded bed adsorption : elution in expanded bed mode
Monitoring, modeling, and control strategies for expanded-bed adsorption processes
Factors affecting dispersion in expanded bed chromatography
Physical and biochemical characterization of a simple intermediate between fluidized and expanded bed contactors
On-line monitoring of the purification of GST-(His)6 from an unclarified Escherichia coli homogenate within an immobilised metal affinity expanded bed
The effect of column verticality on separation efficiency in expanded bed adsorption
Evaluation of the effect of in-bed sampling on expanded bed adsorption
EBA columns with a distribution system based on local stirring
Simplified and more robust EBA processes by elution in expanded bed mode
Cell/adsorbent interactions in expanded bed adsorption of proteins
Validation issues related to expanded bed technology
Highly dense beaded sorbents suitable for fluidized bed applications
Characterization of very dense mineral oxide–gel composites for fluidized-bed adsorption of biomolecules
Expanded bed adsorption on supermacroporous cross-linked cellulose matrix
Characterisation of STREAMLINETM Phenyl
Use of Streamline chelating for capture and purification of poly-His-tagged recombinant proteins
A simplified purification procedure of α-lactalbumin from milk using Ca2+-dependent adsorption in hydrophobic expanded bed chromatography
Expanded bed adsorption as a unique unit operation for the isolation of bacteriocins from fermentation media
Pilot scale recovery of monoclonal antibodies by expanded bed ion exchange adsorption
Capture of human Fab fragments by expanded bed adsorption with a mixed mode adsorbent
Purification of Recombinant Human Serum Albumin Efficient purification using STREAMLINE
Direct coupling of expanded bed adsorption with a downstream purification step
Production of plasmid DNA for human gene therapy using modified alkaline cell lysis and expanded bed anion exchange chromatography
Development and scale up of a capture step (expanded bed chromatography) for a fusion protein expressed intracellularly in Escherichia coli
On-line monitoring of glucose and/or lactate in a fermentation process using an expanded micro-bed flow injection analyser
Binding assays in heterogeneous media using a flow injection system with an expanded micro-bed adsorption column
Use of a micro-expanded bed containing immobilised lysozyme for cell disruption in flow injection analysis
Flow injection analysis of intracellular β-galactosidase in Escherichia coli cultivations, using an on-line system including cell disruption, debris separation and immunochemical quantification