Observation of yeast cell movement and aggregation in a small-scale MHz-ultrasonic standing wave field
Investigation of enhancement of two processes, sedimentation and conjugation, when bacteria are concentrated in ultrasonic standing waves
Sub-micron particle manipulation in an ultrasonic standing wave
Comparison of different types of ceramic hydroxyapatite for the chromatographic separation of plasmid DNA and a recombinant anti-Rhesus D antibody
Breakdown of immobilisation/separation and morphology changes of yeast suspended in water-rich ethanol mixtures exposed to ultrasonic plane standing waves
PCR identification of Salmonella cells in food and stool samples after immunomagnetic separation
Fractionation of whey proteins with a hexapeptide ligand affinity resin
Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials – Tenth Edition
Corrosion and Environmental Degradation. Volumes I and II