A hybrid model for reducing ecological bias
Spatial smoothing and hot spot detection for CGH data using the fused lasso
Penalized logistic regression for detecting gene interactions
Integrating quantitative information from ChIP-chip experiments into motif finding
Model-based clustering on the unit sphere with an illustration using gene expression profiles
Retrospective analysis of haplotype-based case–control studies under a flexible model for gene–environment association
Group additive regression models for genomic data analysis
A score test for linkage analysis of ordinal traits based on IBD sharing
Microarray learning with ABC
Combining assays for estimating prevalence of human herpesvirus 8 infection using multivariate mixture models
Inverse sampling of controls in a matched case–control study
Nonlinear growth generates age changes in the moments of the frequency distribution: the example of height in puberty
An alternative model for bivariate random-effects meta-analysis when the within-study correlations are unknown
Identification of SNP interactions using logic regression
Biostatistics - Referees of Manuscripts Submitted Mid-2006 to Mid-2007