Fast methods for spatially correlated multilevel functional data
Boosting with missing predictors
A doubly robust test for gene–environment interaction in family-based studies of affected offspring
Reconsidering the asymptotic null distribution of likelihood ratio tests for genetic linkage in multivariate variance components models under complete pleiotropy
Frozen robust multiarray analysis (fRMA)
Robust depth-based tools for the analysis of gene expression data
A shifting level model algorithm that identifies aberrations in array-CGH data
Bayesian ranking and selection methods using hierarchical mixture models in microarray studies
The competing risks illness–death model under cross-sectional sampling
Estimating disease progression using panel data
Bayesian inference for finite mixtures of univariate and multivariate skew-normal and skew-t distributions
Flexible Bayesian quantile regression for independent and clustered data
Bayesian inference for causal mediation effects using principal stratification with dichotomous mediators and outcomes
Confidence intervals that match Fisher's exact or Blaker's exact tests