Reproducible research and the substantive context
The importance of independent academic statistical analysis
An invitation to reproducible computational research
The wider concept of data sharing
Discussion of Keiding
Reproducible research and the substantive context
Bayesian inference for generalized linear mixed models
Transparency and reproducibility in data analysis
Stochastically ordered multiple regression
Wavelet-based functional linear mixed models
A dynamic approach for reconstructing missing longitudinal data using the linear increments model
Multiplicity-calibrated Bayesian hypothesis tests
Bayesian profile regression with an application to the National survey of children's health
Redefining CpG islands using hidden Markov models
A very fast and accurate method for calling aberrations in array-CGH data
Statistical inference on the penetrances of rare genetic mutations based on a case–family design
A simulation-based approach for evaluating microarray analyses
Dynamic calibration of pharmacokinetic parameters in dose-finding studies
Design and testing for clinical trials faced with misclassified causes of death
Joint modeling of intercourse behavior and human fecundability using structural equation models
On quantifying the magnitude of confounding