Methods for testing association between uncertain genotypes and quantitative traits
Testing SNPs and sets of SNPs for importance in association studies
A multilevel model to address batch effects in copy number estimation using SNP arrays
Multiple testing on standardized mortality ratios
Adaptive index models for marker-based risk stratification
Estimating the diagnostic likelihood ratio of a continuous marker
A multistate model for events defined by prolonged observation
Doubly robust estimation of attributable fractions
Treatment-effect estimates adjusted for small-study effects via a limit meta-analysis
Two-dimensional toxic dose and multivariate logistic regression, with application to decompression sickness
Feature selection in finite mixture of sparse normal linear models in high-dimensional feature space
A composite likelihood approach to the analysis of longitudinal clonal data on multitype cellular systems under an age-dependent branching process
Biostatistics - Referees of manuscripts submitted mid-2009 to mid-2010