Incorporating group correlations in genome-wide association studies using smoothed group Lasso
Estimation of genetic effects in multiple cases family studies using penalized maximum likelihood methodology
A new shrinkage estimator for dispersion improves differential expression detection in RNA-seq data
Structure-constrained sparse canonical correlation analysis with an application to microbiome data analysis
Incorporating auxiliary information for improved prediction in high-dimensional datasets: an ensemble of shrinkage approaches
Aggregate-data estimation of an individual patient data linear random effects meta-analysis with a patient covariate-treatment interaction term
Regression models for group testing data with pool dilution effects
Weighted log-rank statistic to compare shared-path adaptive treatment strategies
Accelerated failure time models for censored survival data under referral bias
Lasso tree for cancer staging with survival data
Assessing the fit of parametric cure models
Expected estimating equations via EM for proportional hazards regression with covariate misclassification
Extensions of criteria for evaluating risk prediction models for public health applications
Multicategory reclassification statistics for assessing improvements in diagnostic accuracy
Dirichlet negative multinomial regression for overdispersed correlated count data
Letter to the editor
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