Letter to the editor
Response to Marschner's letter to the editor
A robust association test for detecting genetic variants with heterogeneous effects
Multiple comparison procedures for neuroimaging genomewide association studies
Joint analysis of differential gene expression in multiple studies using correlation motifs
Multivariate gene-set testing based on graphical models
Treatment selections using risk–benefit profiles based on data from comparative randomized clinical trials with multiple endpoints
Nonparametric tests of treatment effect based on combined endpoints for mortality and recurrent events
Joint synthesis of multiple correlated outcomes in networks of interventions
Inference on differences between classes using cluster-specific contrasts of mixed effects
Accounting for length-bias and selection effects in estimating the distribution of menstrual cycle length
Modeling individual heterogeneity in the acquisition of recurrent infections: an application to parvovirus B19
Testing calibration of risk models at extremes of disease risk
Doubly robust estimation and causal inference in longitudinal studies with dropout and truncation by death
Logistic analysis of epidemiologic studies with augmentation sampling involving re-stratification and population expansion
A Monte Carlo method for variance estimation for estimators based on induced smoothing
Bias and variance reduction in estimating the proportion of true-null hypotheses
Corrigendum: Improving upon the efficiency of complete case analysis when covariates are MNAR (10.1093/biostatistics/kxu023)