An efficient resampling method for calibrating single and gene-based rare variant association analysis in case-control studies
Correcting gene expression data when neither the unwanted variation nor the factor of interest are observed
Methods that remove batch effects while retaining group differences may lead to exaggerated confidence in downstream analyses
Discriminative variable subsets in Bayesian classification with mixture models, with application in flow cytometry studies
The projack: a resampling approach to correct for ranking bias in high-throughput studies
Modelling the effect of antimicrobial treatment on carriage of hospital pathogens with application to MRSA
Modeling agreement on categorical scales in the presence of random scorers
Application of the Vertex Exchange Method to estimate a semi-parametric mixture model for the MIC density of Escherichia coli isolates tested for susceptibility against ampicillin
Quantile regression in the presence of monotone missingness with sensitivity analysis
Causal mediation analysis for longitudinal data with exogenous exposure
Identifying a set that contains the best dynamic treatment regimes
Personalized screening intervals for biomarkers using joint models for longitudinal and survival data
Double robust and efficient estimation of a prognostic model for events in the presence of dependent censoring
Large sample inference for a win ratio analysis of a composite outcome based on prioritized components
Serial association analyses of recurrent gap time data via Kendall's tau
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