Sufficient dimension reduction with additional information
Estimation of radiation risk in presence of classical additive and Berkson multiplicative errors in exposure doses
Augmented composite likelihood for copula modeling in family studies under biased sampling
Augmented trial designs for evaluation of principal surrogates
Canonical variate regression
Robust functional clustering of ERP data with application to a study of implicit learning in autism
Evaluating and comparing biomarkers with respect to the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve in two-phase case-control studies
Inference for the existence of hormetic dose-response relationships in toxicology studies
Integrative clustering of high-dimensional data with joint and individual clusters
Optimal marker-strategy clinical trial design to detect predictive markers for targeted therapy
Efficient quantile marginal regression for longitudinal data with dropouts
Accelerated failure time model under general biased sampling scheme
Sequential BART for imputation of missing covariates
Corrigendum: A logrank test-based method for sizing clinical trials with two co-primary time-to-event endpoints (10.1093/biostatistics/kxs057)