Instrumental variables estimation under a structural Cox model
Z-scores-based methods and their application to biological monitoring : an example in professional soccer players
Dose-finding designs for cumulative toxicities using multiple constraints
Estimating autoantibody signatures to detect autoimmune disease patient subsets
Using ecological propensity score to adjust for missing confounders in small area studies
Missing data and technical variability in single-cell RNA-sequencing experiments
Prediction of individual outcomes for asthma sufferers
An empirical Bayes test for allelic-imbalance detection in ChIP-seq
Marginal quantile regression for dependent data with a working odds-ratio matrix
A classical regression framework for mediation analysis : fitting one model to estimate mediation effects
Faster family-wise error control for neuroimaging with a parametric bootstrap
Robust distributed lag models using data adaptive shrinkage
Survival analysis with time-dependent covariates subject to missing data or measurement error : Multiple Imputation for Joint Modeling (MIJM)
A Bayesian procedure for estimating the causal effects of nursing home bed-hold policy
Survivor bias in Mendelian randomization analysis
An empirical Bayes approach for multiple tissue eQTL analysis
Methods for handling longitudinal outcome processes truncated by dropout and death
A joint model for mixed and truncated longitudinal data and survival data, with application to HIV vaccine studies
High-dimensional multivariate additive regression for uncovering contributing factors to healthcare expenditure
PolyGEE : a generalized estimating equation approach to the efficient and robust estimation of polygenic effects in large-scale association studies
Evaluation and comparison of predictive individual-level general surrogates
Dependent generalized Dirichlet process priors for the analysis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Lagged kernel machine regression for identifying time windows of susceptibility to exposures of complex mixtures
Non-regular inference for dynamic weighted ordinary least squares : understanding the impact of solid food intake in infancy on childhood weight
Conditional copula models for right-censored clustered event time data
A framework for estimating and testing qualitative interactions with applications to predictive biomarkers
Rank-based two-sample tests for paired data with missing values
Adding experimental arms to platform clinical trials : randomization procedures and interim analyses
A two-stage approach of gene network analysis for high-dimensional heterogeneous data
Smooth quantile normalization
Bayesian hierarchical modeling based on multisource exchangeability
Automatic module selection from several microarray gene expression studies
High-dimensional multivariate mediation with application to neuroimaging data
A Bayesian hierarchical model for network meta-analysis of multiple diagnostic tests
Estimating causal effects from a randomized clinical trial when noncompliance is measured with error
A fully Bayesian latent variable model for integrative clustering analysis of multi-type omics data
Using Bayesian modeling in frequentist adaptive enrichment designs
Covariate adjusted classification trees
Semiparametric model and inference for spontaneous abortion data with a cured proportion and biased sampling
Concordance measure and discriminatory accuracy in transformation cure models
Optimal screening schedules for disease progression with application to diabetic retinopathy