Novel inhibitors of fatty-acid synthase from green tea ( Camellia sinensis Xihu Longjing) with high activity and a new reacting site
Efficient constitutive expression of Bacillus subtilis xylanase A in Escherichia coli DH5α under the control of the Bacillus BsXA promoter
Immobilization of bone morphogenetic protein-2 on a nanofibrous chitosan membrane for enhanced guided bone regeneration
Synthesis of acylglycerols from ω−3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid isomers
Expression and characterization of Helicobacter pylori heat-shock protein A (HspA) protein in transgenic tobacco ( Nicotiana tabacum ) plants
A multivalent recombinant antibody fragment specific for carcinoembryonic antigen
Polyclonal antibodies inhibit the glycation-induced inactivation of bovine Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase
Increasing the capacity of parvovirus-retentive membranes: performance of the Viresolve™ Prefilter