Dendrimers and their applications in immunoassays and clinical diagnostics
Sf -Caspase-1-repressed stable cells: resistance to apoptosis and augmentation of recombinant protein production
Functional expression of human-epidermal-growth-factor receptor in a melanoma cell line
Construction of a restriction-endonuclease-Eam1105I-generated T-vector for high-throughput cloning and expression
Molecular construction of bionanoparticles: chimaeric SIV p17–HIV I p6 nanoparticles with minimal viral protein content
A highly efficient method for the generation of a recombinant Bombyx mori nuclear-polyhedrosis-virus Bacmid and large-scale expression of foreign proteins in silkworm ( B. mori ) larvae
Expression of human tissue plasminogen activator in the trypanosomatid protozoan Leishmania tarentolae