Overexpression of archaeal proteins in Escherichia coli
Cecropin A-melittin hybrid peptide exerts its antifungal effects by damaging on the plasma membranes of Trichosporon beigelii
Microbial alkyl-sophorosides based on 1-dodecanol or 2-, 3- or 4-dodecanones
Indigo formation by aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria
Biosorption of radionuclides by Rhizopus arrhizus
Relative surface charge, hydrohobicity of bacterial cells and their affinity to substrate during copper bioleaching from post-flotation wastes
Resolution of 2-phenoxy-1-propanols by Pseudomonas sp. lipase-catalyzed highly enantioselective transesterification: influence of reaction conditions on the enantioselectivity toward primary alcohols
Adaptive acid tolerance response in Lactobacillus acidophilus
Xylanase production by a new alkali-tolerant isolate of Bacillus
Comparison of Pb2 accumulation characteristics between live and dead cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Aureobasidium pullulans
Chemically induced gelation of polysaccharide produced by Methylobacterium organophilum
CO2 supply in the biooxidation of an enargite-pyrite gold concentrate
Lipase catalysed amidation of diethyl glutamate derivatives; peculiarities of ethyl S- and R-pyroglutamate
Production of artemisinin by hairy rot cultures of Artemisia annua L in bioreactor
Purification and characterization of recombinant bovine growth hormone produced in Escherichia coli
Lipase-catalyzed mono- O-acylation of dithiothreitol and dithioerythritol
Comparative analysis of intracellular proteases in sporulated Bacillus thuringiensis strains
Isolation of two aerobic bacterial strains that degrade efficiently ethyl t-butyl ether (ETBE)
Oligosaccharide synthesis by invertase in organic media containing SDS
Solvent-free glycerolysis of sunflower oil and anchovy oil catalyzed by a 1,3-specific lipase
Continuous cultivation of a human intestinal microflora at high cell concentration via controlled culture recycle
Extracellular ligninolytic enzyme production and polymeric dye decolourization in immobilized cultures of Chrysosporium lignorum CL1
Secretory expression of human alpha1 -antitrypsin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using galactose as a gratuitous inducer
Construction of a flocculating yeast for fructose production from inulin
Improvement of extracellular recombinant glucose oxidase production in fed-batch culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Effect of different feeding strategies
Production of a perillyl alcohol dehydrogenase by site-directed mutagenesis of a benzyl alcohol dehydrogenase