Interaction of neoglycolipids with artificial membranes and erythrocytes. Influence of the length of the neoglycolipid ethoxy moiety
Decolourisation of cotton bleaching effluent in a continuous fluidized-bed bioreactor using wood rotting fungus
Construction of Kluyveromyces lactis killer strains defective in growth on lactic acid as a silage additive
Production of a high activity of an extremely thermostable β-mannanase by the thermophilic eubacterium Rhodothermus marinus, grown on locust bean gum
Expression of Pseudomonas amyloderamosa isoamylase gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Anti-complementary activity of endopolymers produced from submerged mycelial culture of higher fungi with particular reference to Lentinus edodes
Removal of lead from solution by the non-viable biomass of the water fern Azolla filiculoides
Bioremediation of hexavalent chromium in soil microcosms
Industrial scale ethanol production using the thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus IMB3 in an Indian distillery
Trehalose synthesis from maltose by a thermostable trehalose synthase from Thermus caldophilus
Bacteriorhodopsin production by cell recycle culture of Halobacterium halobium
Enzymatic Synthesis of N -formyl-L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine Methyl Ester (Aspartame Precursor) Utilizing an Extractive Reaction in Aqueous/Organic Biphasic Medium
Acclimatization of Methanogenic Consortia for Low pH Biomethanation Process
Chitinous Material in Trichoderma reesei
Lipase-catalyzed Synthesis of Capsaicin Analogs Using Natural Oils as an Acyl Donor
Spore Production of Coniothyrium minitans during Solid-State Fermentation on Different Nitrogen Sources with Glucose or Starch as Carbon Source
DNA from Clarified, Large-Scale, Fed-Batch, Mammalian Cell Culture is of Predominantly Low Molecular Weight
Expression of Pyruvate Carboxylase Enhances Succinate Production in Escherichia coli without Affecting Glucose Uptake
Improved Production of a Bioadhesive Precursor Protein by Fed-Batch Cultivation of a Recombinant Escherichia coli with a pLysS Vector
Sophorolipid Production with High Yields on Whey Concentrate and Rapeseed Oil without Consumption of Lactose
Cloning and Nucleotide Sequence of the Endoinulinase-Encoding Gene, inu2 , from Aspergillus ficuum