Metabolic engineering of plant secondary metabolite pathways for the production of fine chemicals
Biotreatment of nitrate-rich industrial effluent by suspended bacterial growth
Cyano-metal complexes uptake by Aspergillus niger
Production of L-tartaric acid by immobilized bacterial cells Nocardia tartaricans
Obtaining Vitis Vinifera cell cultures producing higher amounts of malvidin-3- O -β-glucoside
Optimization of agitation for production of swainsonine from Metarhizium anisopliae in stirred tank and airlift reactors
Production of 4-hydroxyfuranones in simple media by fermentation
Affinity purification and characterization of a yeast epoxide hydrolase
Purification of an epoxide hydrolase from Rhodotorula glutinis
Isolation and characterization of Rhodopseudomonas palustris P4 which utilizes CO with the production of H2
Distinct chaperone affinity to folding variants of homologous recombinant proteins
Hydrolysis of industrial substrates by an extremely stable thermolysin-like protease variant obtained by protein engineering
Photoproduction of indole 3-acetic acid by Rhodobacter sphaeroides from indole and glycine
Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of capsaicin analogs by transacylation of capsaicin with natural oils or fatty acid derivatives in n -hexane
Optimization of extracellular 5-aminolevulinic acid production from Escherichia coli transformed with ALA synthase gene of Bradyrhizobium japonicum
Changes in the urea content of wine under different fermentation and aging conditions by two Saccharomyces cerevisiae races
High-level secretory expression of immunologically active intact antibody from the yeast Pichia pastoris