Optical traps: shedding light on biological processes
Application of atomic force microscopy to the study of micromechanical properties of biological materials
Fourier-transformed infrared assay for the determination of the positional specificity of non-specific and 1,3-specific lipases
Evaluation of biodegradability by the reduction of Tetrazolium Violet in Biolog microplates
Effect of soil moisture on bioremediation of chlorophenol-contaminated soil
The exposure to trans-cinnamic acid of osmotically stressed Catharanthus roseus cells cultured in a 14-l bioreactor increases alkaloid accumulation
Estimation of proteins in the presence of polyethylenimine
Enhancement of chrysogenin production in cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum by uronic acid oligosaccharides
Partial nitrification in an upflow biological aerated filter by O2 limitation
One-step partial purification of Solanum tuberosum tuber lectin using magnetic chitosan particles
High-level expression of a polypeptides encoded by a large segment of the envelope gene of HIV-1 in E. coli by directed evolution
Enzymatic synthesis of alkylglucosides by amphiphilic phase enzyme reaction
Two simple and rapid methods for the detection of polymer-degrading enzymes on high-resolution, alkaline, cold, in situ-native (HiRACIN)-PAGE and high-resolution, in situ-inhibited native (HiRISIN)-PAGE
Construction of transformant Alcaligenes latus enforcing its own cloned phbC gene and characterization of poly-β-hydroxybutyrate biosynthesis