Oxidation of carbazole, N-ethylcarbazole, fluorene, and dibenzothiophene by the laccase of Coriolopsis gallica
Curdlan gels as protein drug delivery vehicles
Effect of double mutation on thermostability of lactate oxidase
Simple device to monitor aerobic biotransformations by in situ 1H-NMR
Cellular cycling of substrate as a possible cryptic way for energy spilling in suspended cellular continuous cultures
Substrate selectivity of lipases in the esterification of cis/trans-isomers and positional isomers of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
Emulsification using environmental compatible emulsifiers and de-emulsification using D.C. field and immobilized Nocardia amarae
Overproduction of AgfA subunit of Salmonella enteritidis as a MBP-fusion protein in E. coli
A new method for improving the enantioselectivity of lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis in organic solvent containing a small amount of water in the presence of metal ions
Very high gravity wort fermentation by immobilised yeast
Decolorization of textile dyestuffs by a mixed bacterial consortium
One-step synthesis of n-octyl β-d-xylotrioside, xylobioside and xyloside from xylan and n-octanol using acetone powder of Aureobasidium pullulans in supercritical fluids
Functional stabilization of invertase by covalent modification with pectin
Antimutagenic activity of soybeans fermented with basidiomycetes in Ames/Salmonella test