Myoglobin-catalyzed epoxidation of styrene in organic solvents accelerated by bioimprinting
An improved microbial synthesis of purine nucleosides
Separation of ergot alkaloids by adsorption on silicates
Enhanced nitrite build-up in proportion to increasing alklinity/NH4 + ratio of influent in biofilm reactor
Purification and characterization of two isoforms from Candida rugosa lipase B
Removal characteristics of high load ammonia gas by a biofilter seeded with a marine bacterium, Vibrio alginolyticus
Electricity production in biofuel cell using modified graphite electrode with Neutral Red
Efficient synthetic signal peptides for Streptomyces
A new efficient expression system for Bacillus and its application to production of recombinant phytase
High-pressure induced recovery of β-galactosidases from immunoadsorbents
Cadmium, lead, and zinc removal by expression of the thiosulfate reductase gene from Salmonella typhimurium in Escherichia coli
Ionic strength effect on adsorption of cellobiohydrolases I and II on microcrystalline cellulose
The production of soluble pyrroloquinoline quinone glucose dehydrogenase by Klebsiella pneumoniae, the alternative host of PQQ enzymes