Temperature downshift increases recombinant cytokine titer in Streptomyces lividans fermentation
Hydrolysis of settleable substrate in domestic sewage
Regeneration of activated charcoal used in decolorization and purification of crude protease from Rhizopus oryzae
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Production of recombinant endostatin from stably transformed Trichoplusia ni BTI Tn 5B1-4 cells
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Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of β-methylglucoside esters containing an α-hydroxy acid
Large-scale separation of magnetic bioaffinity adsorbents
Partial recovery of cell membrane-bounded human interleukin-2 fusion protein from insect cell debris by using various detergent extractions
Factorial design and response surface optimization of crude violacein for Chromobacterium violaceum production
Improved growth of Artemisia annua L hairy roots and artemisinin production under red light conditions
Efficient microbial elimination of methanol inhibition for Naproxen resolution by a lipase