Point mutation of (+)-germacrene A synthase from Ixeris dentata
Development and characterization of a recombinant chicken single-chain Fv antibody detecting Eimeria acervulina sporozoite antigen
Enhanced radical scavenging activity of genetically modified Arabidopsis seeds
Gluconobacter oxydans NAD-dependent, D-fructose reducing, polyol dehydrogenases activity: screening, medium optimisation and application for enzymatic polyol production
Purification and characterization of an alkaline cellulase from a newly isolated alkalophilic Bacillus sp. HSH-810
In vitro study of alginate-chitosan microcapsules: an alternative to liver cell transplants for the treatment of liver failure
Textile dye decolorization using cyanobacteria
Expression of Escherichia coli AppA2 phytase in four yeast systems
Immobilization of β-fructofuranosidase from Aspergillus japonicus on chitosan using tris(hydroxymethyl)phosphine or glutaraldehyde as a coupling agent
Multiple gene copy number enhances insulin precursor secretion in the yeast Pichia pastoris
Cell volume distribution dynamics of Chlorella vulgaris Beij. in batch cultures under continuous light
Domain engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae exoglucanases
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