Genetics and Biochemistry of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Granule Self-assembly: The Key Role of Polyester Synthases
Single-step Purification by Lectin Affinity and Deglycosylation Analysis of Recombinant Human and Porcine Deoxyribonucleases I Expressed in COS-7 Cells
The Tre2 Oncoprotein, Implicated in Ewing's Sarcoma, Interacts with Two Components of the Cytoskeleton
One-step Concentration and Partial Purification of Aspergillus kawachii Non-acidic Polygalacturonases by Adsorption to Glass Fiber Microfilters
Polymeric and Compositional Properties of Novel Extracellular Microbial Polyglucosamine Biopolymer from New Strain of Citrobacter sp. BL-4
Reduction of Cr(VI) by a Bacillus sp.
The Use of Fatty Acid Esters to Enhance Free Acid Sophorolipid Synthesis
Expression Switching of Three Genes Encoding Light-independent Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase in Chlorella protothecoides
Differences Between the Fingerprints Generated from Total RNA and Poly-A RNA using a Modified Procedure of cDNA-AFLP and Silver Staining
Stable RNA Interference in Spodoptera frugiperda Cells by a DNA Vector-based Method
Direct Self-assembly of Hepatocytes Spheroids within Hollow Fibers in Presence of Collagen
Author's Quick Checklist for Preparing Manuscripts for Submisson