A Comparative Investigation on Different Refolding Strategies of Recombinant Human Tissue-type Plasminogen Activator Derivative
Growth of Escherichia coli , Pichia pastoris and Bacillus cereus in the Presence of the Ionic Liquids [BMIM][BF4] and [BMIM][PF6] and Organic Solvents
Creation of Circularly Permutated Yellow Fluorescent Proteins Using Fluorescence Screening and a Tandem Fusion Template
Lactose-induced Production of Human Soluble B Lymphocyte Stimulator (hsBLyS) in E. coli with Different Culture Strategies
Application of a Novel Oscillatory Flow Micro-bioreactor to the Production of γ-decalactone in a Two Immiscible Liquid Phase Medium
Deciphering the Importance of Three Key Media Components in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Cultures
Aluminium Chloride Enhances Colchicine Production in Root Cultures of Gloriosa superba
Direct Force Measurement of the Interaction Between Liposome and the C2A Domain of Synaptotagmin I using Atomic Force Microscopy
A Simple and Green Procedure for the Microbial Effective Synthesis of 1-phenylethyl Alcohol in Both Enantiomeric Forms
CAGE Displays Oncogenic Potential and Induces Cytolytic T Lymphocyte Activity
Author's Quick Checklist for Preparing Manuscripts for Submission