Immobilized yeast cell systems for continuous fermentation applications
Methylglyoxal Bypass Identified as Source of Chiral Contamination in l (+) and d(-)-lactate Fermentations by Recombinant Escherichia coli
An optimal pooling strategy applied to high-throughput screening for rare marker-free transformants
Elevated expression of human alpha-1 antitrypsin mediated by yeast intron in Pichia pastoris
A multi-needle-assisted transformation of soybean cotyledonary node cells
Chemoenzymatic dynamic kinetic resolution of rac -1-phenylethanol in ionic liquids and ionic liquids/supercritical carbon dioxide systems
Preparation of mixed alginate elicitors with high activity for the efficient production of 5′-phosphodiesterase by Catharanthus roseus cells
Permeabilization and lysis induced by bacteriocins and its effect on aldehyde formation by Lactococcus lactis
Expression and localization of recombinant human EDG-1 receptors in Pichia pastoris
Microplate fluorescence assay for the quantification of double stranded DNA using SYBR Green I dye
Enhanced production of recombinant nattokinase in Bacillus subtilis by the elimination of limiting factors
Comparison of relative mRNA quantification models and the impact of RNA integrity in quantitative real-time RT-PCR