Biotechnologies in new high-throughput food allergy tests: why we need them
Semi-quantitative expression and knockdown of a target gene in single-cell mouse embryonic stem cells by high performance microinjection
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A novel high-copy plasmid, pEC, compatible with commonly used Escherichia coli cloning and expression vectors
Nitrate reductase-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles from AgNO3
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Conversion of sucrose into isomaltulose by Enterobacter sp. FMB1, an isomaltulose-producing microorganism isolated from traditional Korean food
Analysis on the factors affecting start-up intensity in the upstream sequence of phycocyanin β subunit gene from Arthrospira platensis by site-directed mutagenesis
Screening and characterization of a novel fibrinolytic metalloprotease from a metagenomic library
A yeast glycolipid biosurfactant, mannosylerythritol lipid, shows high binding affinity towards lectins on a self-assembled monolayer system
Enzymatic synthesis of arbutin undecylenic acid ester and its inhibitory effect on mushroom tyrosinase
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Enhancement of growth and polysaccharide production in suspension cultures of protocorm-like bodies from Dendrobium huoshanense by the addition of putrescine
Cloning and functional analysis of the K+ transporter, PhaHAK2, from salt-sensitive and salt-tolerant reed plants
On-column refolding and purification of recombinant human interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (rHuIL-1ra) expressed as inclusion body in Escherichia coli
Gluconobacter in biosensors: applications of whole cells and enzymes isolated from Gluconobacter and Acetobacter to biosensor construction