Cell-specific effects of human cytomegalovirus unique region on recombinant protein expression
Expression of recombinant cyclooxygenase 1 in Drosophila melanogaster S2 cells transformed with human β1,4-galactosyltransferase and Galβ1,4-GlcNAc α2,6-sialyltransferase
Novel chimeric anti-ricin antibody C4C13 with neutralizing activity against ricin toxicity
Electroacupuncture alters the expression of genes associated with lipid metabolism and immune reaction in liver of hypercholesterolemia mice
Production of enantiomerically pure ( S )-β-phenylalanine and ( R )-β-phenylalanine by penicillin G acylase from Escherichia coli in aqueous medium
Closed-tube DNA extraction using a thermostable proteinase is highly sensitive, capable of single parasite detection
Ethanol production from hydrolysed agricultural wastes using mixed culture of Zymomonas mobilis and Candida tropicalis
Rapid isolation of fungal genomic DNA suitable for long distance PCR
Growth rate of a non-fermentative Escherichia coli strain is influenced by NAD+ regeneration
Solute transport in orthorhombic lysozyme crystals: a molecular simulation study
Aspergillus niger lipase: gene cloning, over-expression in Escherichia coli and in vitro refolding
Ionic liquids as a reaction medium for lipase-catalyzed methanolysis of sunflower oil
Xylitol production by Debaryomyces hansenii in brewery spent grain dilute-acid hydrolysate: effect of supplementation
Increasing the secretion ability of the kil gene for recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli by using a strong stationary-phase promoter
Kinetic studies of constitutive human granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (hGM-CSF) expression in continuous culture of Pichia pastoris
Isolation and purification of an enzyme hydrolyzing ochratoxin A from Aspergillus niger
Utilization of fadA knockout mutant Pseudomonas putida for overproduction of medium chain-length-polyhydroxyalkanoate
Multiplex site-directed mutagenesis strategy including high-efficiency selection of the mutant PCR products
Mutational analysis of the TRE2 oncogene encoding an inactive RabGAP
Loop-mediated isothermal amplification for rapid detection of Bacillus anthracis spores
A novel, two consecutive enzyme synthesis of feruloylated monoacyl- and diacyl-glycerols in a solvent-free system
Molecular cloning of an insertion sequence-like element from Vibrio anguillarum and its functional identification in E. coli
Cloning and functional expression in Saccharomyces cereviae of a K+ transporter, AlHAK, from the graminaceous halophyte, Aeluropus littoralis
Expression, purification and characterization of an iron-sulfur cluster assembly protein, IscU, from Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Brewer's spent grain as raw material for lactic acid production by Lactobacillus delbrueckii
In vivo conversion of triacylglycerol to docosahexaenoic acid-containing phospholipids in a thraustochytrid-like microorganism, strain 12B
Expression, purification and characterization of a cysteine desulfurase, IscS, from Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
Molecular organization of plasmid pER13 in Streptococcus thermophilus
Enhanced benzophenanthridine alkaloid production and protein expression with combined elicitor in Eschscholtzia californica suspension cultures
Expression and characteristic of synthetic human epidermal growth factor (hEGF) in transgenic tobacco plants