Cytoplasmic Overexpression, Folding, and Processing of Penicillin Acylase Precursor in Escherichia coli
Development of Industrial-Medium-Required Elimination of the 2,3-Butanediol Fermentation Pathway To Maintain Ethanol Yield in an Ethanologenic Strain of Klebsiella oxytoca
Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strain BioS-OS1/2, for the Detection of Oxidative Stress
Alkaline Protease Production by an Isolated Bacillus circulans under Solid-State Fermentation Using Agroindustrial Waste: Process Parameters Optimization
Production of GFP and Glucoamylase by Recombinant Aspergillus niger : Effects of Fermentation Conditions on Fungal Morphology and Protein Secretion
Proteomic Profiling of Escherichiacoli Proteins under High Cell Density Fed-Batch Cultivation with Overexpression of Phosphogluconolactonase
Cell-Free Production of Aggregation-Prone Proteins in Soluble and Active Forms
An Approximate Solution for a Transient Two-Phase Stirred Tank Bioreactor with Nonlinear Kinetics
Extracellular Production of Human Parathyroid Hormone as a Thioredoxin Fusion Form in Escherichiacoli by Chemical Permeabilization Combined with Heat Treatment
Laccase-Mediated Remazol Brilliant Blue R Decolorization in a Fixed-Bed Bioreactor
Production of Biodiesel by Lipase-Catalyzed Transesterification of Vegetable Oils: A Kinetics Study
Effects of Sulfuric Acid Loading and Residence Time on the Composition of Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate and Its Use as a Source of Xylose for Xylitol Bioproduction
Simultaneous Saccharification and Co-Fermentation of Crystalline Cellulose and Sugar Cane Bagasse Hemicellulose Hydrolysate to Lactate by a Thermotolerant Acidophilic Bacillus sp.
Stochastic Modeling of S. cerevisiae Inactivation by Supercritical CO2
Aqueous Extraction of Recombinant Human Proinsulin from Transgenic Maize Endosperm
Separation of Genomic DNA from Plasmid DNA by Selective Renaturation with Immobilized Metal Affinity Capture
Medium Term Planning of Biopharmaceutical Manufacture using Mathematical Programming
Design and Testing for a Nontagged F1-V Fusion Protein as Vaccine Antigen against Bubonic and Pneumonic Plague
Effect of Various Freezing Parameters on the Immediate Post-Thaw Membrane Integrity of Adipose Tissue Derived Adult Stem Cells
Effect of Amino Acids on Acrylamide Formation and Elimination Kinetics
Confocal Optical System: A Novel Noninvasive Sensor To Study Mixing
Heuristic Optimization of Antibody Production by Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Integration of Ozonation and an Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor (AnSBR) for the Treatment of Cherry Stillage
Clarification of Yeast Cell Suspensions by Depth Filtration
Enhanced Lycopene Productivity by Manipulation of Carbon Flow to Isopentenyl Diphosphate in Escherichia coli
Oil Wastes as Unconventional Substrates for Rhamnolipid Biosurfactant Production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa LBI
Behavior of Aromatic Compounds Contained in Kraft Mill Effluents Treated by an Aerated Lagoon
Transient Effects of Overexpressing Anthranilate Synthase α and β Subunits in Catharanthusroseus Hairy Roots