Bioprocess Engineering Issues That Would Be Faced in Producing a DNA Vaccine at up to 100 m3 Fermentation Scale for an Influenza Pandemic
Rhamnolipid Surfactants: An Update on the General Aspects of These Remarkable Biomolecules
Identification of Candida albicans Genes that Induce Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Adhesion and Morphogenesis
Metabolic Control Analysis of Aspergillus niger l-Arabinose Catabolism
Flux Balance Analysis of Photoautotrophic Metabolism
An Immobilized Biotin Ligase: Surface Display of Escherichia coli BirA on Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Catalytic Activity of β-Amylase from Barley in Different Pressure/Temperature Domains
Variables That Affect Xylitol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate in a Zeolite Fluidized Bed Reactor
Control of Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Effector Functions by Fc N -Glycan Remodeling in Vitro
Variable Site-Occupancy Classification of N -Linked Glycosylation Using Artificial Neural Networks
Deactivation of Formate Dehydrogenase (FDH) in Solution and at Gas-Liquid Interfaces
Kinetics of the Extraction of Succinic Acid with Tri- n -octylamine in 1-Octanol Solution
Mass Transfer of Terpenes through a Silicone Rubber Membrane in a Liquid-Liquid Contacting System
Enhanced Production of the Polysaccharide Arabinogalactan Using Immobilized Cultures of Tinospora cordifolia by Elicitation and In Situ Adsorption
Continuous Adsorption and Recovery of Cr(VI) in Different Types of Reactors
Engineering Select Physical Properties of Cross-Linked Red Blood Cells and a Simple a Priori Estimation of Their Efficacy as an Oxygen Delivery Vehicle within the Context of a Hepatic Hollow Fiber Bioreactor
Application of Bovine Pituitary Extract and Polyglycolide/Poly(lactide- co -glycolide) Scaffold to the Cultivation of Bovine Knee Chondrocytes
Ca2+–Surfactant Interactions Affect Enzyme Stability in Detergent Solutions
Bioengineering of a Cellulosic Fabric for Insecticide Delivery via Grafted Cyclodextrin
Directional Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission from a 3 nm Green Fluorescent Protein Monolayer
Proteolytically Degradable Hydrogels with a Fluorogenic Substrate for Studies of Cellular Proteolytic Activity and Migration
Enhanced Production of Hydroperoxides by Immobilized Lipoxygenase in the Presence of Cyclodextrins
Development of a Method To Analyze Single Cell Activity by Using Dielectrophoretic Levitation
Real-Time Monitoring of Recombinant Bacterial Proteins by Mass Spectrometry
Free-Standing Nanogold Membranes as Supports for the Growth of Calcium Phosphate Crystals
Quick Selection of a Chimeric T2 Phage That Displays Active Enzyme on the Viral Capsid
Noninvasive Diagnosis of a Single Cell with a Probe Beam
Production of Oligoglucuronans by Enzymatic Depolymerization of Nascent Glucuronan
Polysaccharide Hydrolysis Accelerated by Adding Carbon Dioxide under Hydrothermal Conditions
Hydrogen Production from Glucose by Anaerobes
Molecular Characterization of Anaerobic Microbial Communities from Benzene-Degrading Sediments under Methanogenic Conditions