IBE: Editorial. Institute of Biological Engineering
Behavioral Monitoring of Trained Insects for Chemical Detection
A Comparison of Image Processing Techniques for Bird Recognition
Detection of Glucose and Related Analytes by Biosensors: A Fractal Analysis
Biologically Inspired Sensing: Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis of Cell Responses to an Inhalation Health Hazard
Liposome-Doped Nanocomposites as Artificial-Cell-Based Biosensors: Detection of Listeriolysin O
A Combined Strategy To Reduce Restenosis for Vascular Tissue Engineering Applications
Potent and Specific Inhibition of Retrovirus Production by Coexpression of Multiple siRNAs Directed Against Different Regions of Viral Genomes
Screening of Thermophilic Anaerobic Bacteria for Solid Substrate Cultivation on Lignocellulosic Substrates
Effects of Oxygen on Aerobic Solid-State Biodegradation Kinetics
Modeling the Temperature Kinetics of Aerobic Solid-State Biodegradation
Ensiling Corn Stover: Effect of Feedstock Preservation on Particleboard Performance
Semantic Retrieval in DNA-Based Memories with Gibbs Energy Models
Functionalization of Gold and Glass Surfaces with Magnetic Nanoparticles Using Biomolecular Interactions
Numerical Analysis of Muscle-Like Ionic Polymer Actuators
Fluorescent Biorecognition of Gold Nanoparticle-IgG Conjugates Self-Assembled on E-Beam Patterns
Structural Stability of Polypeptide Nanofilms under Extreme Conditions
Development of a Temperature-Sensitive Composite Hydrogel for Drug Delivery Applications
Fine Tuning of Physical Properties of Designed Polypeptide Multilayer Films by Control of pH
Neurite Development in PC12 Cells on Flexible Micro-Textured Substrates under Cyclic Stretch
Molding Mineral within Microporous Hydrogels by a Polymer-Induced Liquid-Precursor (PILP) Process
Protein Insertion and Patterning of PEG Bearing Langmuir Monolayers
Macroecology: The Organizing Forces
Change Is Necessary in a Biological Engineering Curriculum
Problem-Based Learning Biotechnology Courses in Chemical Engineering
An Introduction to Simulation and Visualization of Biological Systems at Multiple Scales: A Summer Training Program for Interdisciplinary Research
Role of Caco-2 Cell Monolayers in Prediction of Intestinal Drug Absorption
Influence of C18 Long Chain Fatty Acids on Hydrogen Metabolism
TNT Phytotransformation Pathway Characteristics in Arabidopsis : Role of Aromatic Hydroxylamines
Evaluation of Culture Medium for Nisin Production in a Repeated-Batch Biofilm Reactor
Surfactant-Induced Unfolding of Cellulase: Kinetic Studies
Rapid Optimization of Antibotulinum Toxin Antibody Fragment Production by an Integral Approach Utilizing RC-SELDI Mass Spectrometry and Statistical Design
A Comparison of Air and Hydrogen Peroxide Oxygenated Microbial Fuel Cell Reactors
Bioprocess Iterative Batch-to-Batch Optimization Based on Hybrid Parametric/Nonparametric Models
Stochastic Models To Study the Impact of Mixing on a Fed-Batch Culture of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Effect of Cellulase Mole Fraction and Cellulose Recalcitrance on Synergism in Cellulose Hydrolysis and Binding
Development of a Transient Segregated Mathematical Model of the Semicontinuous Microbial Production Process of Dihydroxyacetone
Polymer-Templated Microarrays for Highly Reliable Plaque Purification
Exploitation of the Adsorptive Properties of Depth Filters for Host Cell Protein Removal during Monoclonal Antibody Purification
Fabrication of Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Beads for Cell Encapsulation
Nucleation and Growth of Microtubules from γ-Tubulin-Functionalized Gold Surfaces
Regulation of Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Production in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells: A Comparative Study of Gene Copy Number, mRNA Level, and Protein Expression
Stability of Serum-Free and Purified Baculovirus Stocks under Various Storage Conditions
β-Galactosidase Catalyzed Selective Galactosylation of Aromatic Compounds
Novel Chemically Synthesized Salicylate Derivative as an Effective Elicitor for Inducing the Biosynthesis of Plant Secondary Metabolites
Volatile Fatty Acid-Sensing System Involving Coenzyme-A Transferase
Enhancement of Monascus Pigment Production by the Culture of Monascus sp. J101 at Low Temperature