Modeling Amino Acid Metabolism in Mammalian Cells-Toward the Development of a Model Library
Evaluation of Minimal Trichoderma reesei Cellulase Mixtures on Differently Pretreated Barley Straw Substrates
High-Level Transient Production of a Heterologous Protein in Plants by Optimizing Induction of a Chemically Inducible Viral Amplicon Expression System
Impairing and Monitoring Glucose Catabolite Repression in l-Carnitine Biosynthesis
Trehalose Enhances Transgene Expression Mediated by DNA-PEI Complexes
Cell-Free Protein Synthesis in Microfluidic Array Devices
Dark Hydrogen Fermentation from Hydrolyzed Starch Treated with Recombinant Amylase Originating from Caldimonas taiwanensis On1
Permeabilization of Phospholipid Bilayer Membranes Induced by Gas-Liquid Flow in an Airlift Bubble Column
Medium Optimization for the Production of Recombinant Nattokinase by Bacillus subtilis Using Response Surface Methodology
Deposition of Lignin Droplets Produced During Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Maize Stems Retards Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose
Novel Orbital Shake Bioreactors for Transient Production of CHO Derived IgGs
Modeling of Effects of Nutrient Gradients on Cell Proliferation in Microfluidic Bioreactor
The Sensitivity of the Dinoflagellate Crypthecodinium cohnii to Transient Hydrodynamic Forces and Cell-Bubble Interactions
Suspension Culture Process of MethA Tumor Cell for the Production of Heat-Shock Protein Glycoprotein 96: Process Optimization in Spinner Flasks
Modeling of Product Removal during Enzymatic Conversions by Using Affinity Molecules
Multiobjective Long-Term Planning of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Process Design and Optimization of Novel Wheat-Based Continuous Bioethanol Production System
Adapted Ultra Scale-Down Approach for Predicting the Centrifugal Separation Behavior of High Cell Density Cultures
Effects of Arginine on Kinetics of Protein Aggregation Studied by Dynamic Laser Light Scattering and Tubidimetry Techniques
Separation of PEGylated α-Lactalbumin from Unreacted Precursors and Byproducts Using Ultrafiltration
Protein Binding to Amphoteric Polymer Brushes Grafted onto a Porous Hollow-Fiber Membrane
Laser-Induced Heating of Dextran-Coated Mesocapsules Containing Indocyanine Green
Inhibition of HeLa Cell Apoptosis by Storage-Protein 2
Enhanced Monoclonal Antibody Production in Hybridoma Cells by LPS and Anti-mIgG
Modeling and Parameter Identification of the Simultaneous Saccharification-Fermentation Process for Ethanol Production
Investigating the Feasibility of Stem Cell Enrichment Mediated by Immobilized Selectins
Cell Separator Operation within Temperature Ranges To Minimize Effects on Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Perfusion Culture
Induction of Zone-Like Liver Function Gradients in HepG2 Cells by Varying Culture Medium Height
Development of a Method Using Image Analysis for the Measurement of Cellulose-Binding Domains Adsorbed onto Cellulose Fibers
Optimization of a Microarray Sandwich-ELISA against hINF-γ on a Modified Nitrocellulose Membrane
Measurements of Label Free Protein Concentration and Conformational Changes Using a Microfluidic UV-LED Method
Separation of Murine Neutrophils and Macrophages by Thermoresponsive Magnetic Nanoparticles
Long-Term Maintenance of a Transgenic Catharanthus roseus Hairy Root Line