Self-cleaving purification tags re-engineered for rapid Topo® cloning
Diffusion properties of bacteriophages through agarose gel membrane
Metabolic flux analysis of embryonic stem cells using three distinct differentiation protocols and comparison to gene expression patterns
An approach to evaluate the reliability of hybridization-based and sequencing-based gene expression profiling technologies
Expression and purification of an antitumor-analgesic peptide from the venom of Mesobuthus martensii Karsch by small ubiquitin–related modifier fusion in Escherichia coli
Economic impact of total solids loading on enzymatic hydrolysis of dilute acid pretreated corn stover
Recombinant Candida rugosa lipase 2 from Pichia pastoris : Immobilization and use as biocatalyst in a stereoselective reaction
Microfluidic reactor for continuous cultivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
A new approach to ammonium sulphate feeding for fed-batch Arthrospira ( Spirulina ) platensis cultivation in tubular photobioreactor
The effects of organic solvents on the efficiency and regioselectivity of N -acetyl-lactosamine synthesis, using the β-galactosidase from Bacillus circulans in hydro-organic media
Characterization of a nutrient feed precipitate from an E. coli fermentation process
Removal of heavy metals from water effluents using supermacroporous metal chelating cryogels
Evaluation of alternatives for human lysozyme purification from transgenic rice: Impact of phytic acid and buffer
Evaluation of cell disruption effects on primary recovery of antibody fragments using microscale bioprocessing techniques
Monoclonal antibody purification using cationic polyelectrolytes: An alternative to column chromatography
In vitro folding of methionine-arginine human lyspro-proinsulin S-sulfonate—Disulfide formation pathways and factors controlling yield
Purification of resveratrol, arachidin-1, and arachidin-3 from hairy root cultures of peanut ( Arachis hypogaea) and determination of their antioxidant activity and cytotoxicity
Extraction of monoclonal antibodies (IgG1) using anionic and anionic/nonionic reverse micelles
A simple apparatus for measuring cell settling velocity
Combining high-throughput screening of caspase activity with anti-apoptosis genes for development of robust CHO production cell lines
Scaffold stiffness affects the contractile function of three-dimensional engineered cardiac constructs
Investigation of beta-glucans binding to human/mouse dectin-1 and associated immunomodulatory effects on two monocyte/macrophage cell lines
Maximizing productivity of CHO cell-based fed-batch culture using chemically defined media conditions and typical manufacturing equipment
A fully defined, fed-batch, recombinant NS0 culture process for monoclonal antibody production
Glucocorticoid receptor-mediated reduction of IgG-fusion protein aggregation in Chinese hamster ovary cells
A novel dermal tissue construct: Development and in vitro characterization
Rapid protein production using CHO stable transfection pools
Effect of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, and hydrolysate on the formation of triple light chain antibodies in cell culture
Strategies for selecting Recombinant CHO cell lines for cGMP manufacturing: Realizing the potential in bioreactors
Strategies for selecting recombinant CHO cell lines for cGMP manufacturing: Improving the efficiency of cell line generation
Human hematopoietic progenitor cells grow faster under rotational laminar flows
Thermal stability of carbonic anhydrase immobilized within polyurethane foam
Polymerization of human hemoglobin using the crosslinker 1,11-bis(maleimido)triethylene glycol for use as an oxygen carrier
Monte carlo simulation of bacterial disinfection: Nonlinear and time-explicit intensity of transition
Monitoring oxygen uptake in 3D tissue engineering scaffolds by phosphorescence quenching microscopy
A quantitative method to evaluate mesenchymal stem cell lipofection using real-time PCR