Passing the Baton
A Review of Advanced Small-Scale Parallel Bioreactor Technology for Accelerated Process Development: Current State and Future Need
Redox Homeostasis Phenotypes in RubisCO-deficient Rhodobacter Sphaeroides via Ensemble Modeling
Effects of Phenolic Monomers on Growth of Acidothermus Cellulolyticus
Efficient Production of D-glucosaminic Acid From D-glucosamine by Pseudomonas Putida GNA5
Influence of Growth Temperature on the Production of Antibody Fab Fragments in Different Microbes: A Host Comparative Analysis
Cell-free Synthesis and Multifold Screening of Candida Antarctica Lipase B (CalB) Variants After Combinatorial Mutagenesis of Hot Spots
Overexpression of An Exogenous Phytoene Synthase Gene in the Unicellular Alga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii leads to An Increase in the Content of Carotenoids
Enzymatic Fragmentation of Cation Exchange Membrane Bound Immunoglobulin G
Chemo-enzymatic Epoxidation–Process Options for Improving Biocatalytic Productivity
The Influence of Pretreatment and Enzyme Loading on the Effectiveness of Batch and Fed-Batch Hydrolysis of Corn Stover
Design and Characterization of A New Bioreactor for Continuous Ultra-Slow Uniaxial Distraction of A Three-Dimensional Scaffold-Free Stem Cell Culture
Extractive Fermentation of Clavulanic Acid by Streptomyces DAUFPE 3060 Using Aqueous Two-Phase System
Efficient Production of Cellulase in the Culture of Acremonium Cellulolyticus using Untreated Waste Paper Sludge
Study of in Situ 1-butanol Pervaporation From A-B-E Fermentation Using A PDMS Composite Membrane: Validity of Solution-Diffusion Model for Pervaporative A-B-E Fermentation
Qualification of A Novel Inline Spiking Method for Virus Filter Validation
Transport and Binding Characterization of A Novel Hybrid Particle Impregnated Membrane Material for Bioseparations
Effect of Protein and Solution Properties on the Donnan Effect During the Ultrafiltration of Proteins
Facilitative Production of An Antimicrobial Peptide Royalisin and Its Antibody Via An Artificial Oil-Body System
Effects of Varying Virus-Spiking Conditions on A Virus-Removal Filter Planova™ 20N in A Virus Validation Study of Antibody Solutions
Supermacroporous Polymer-Based Cryogel Bioreactor for Monoclonal Antibody Production in Continuous Culture Using Hybridoma Cells
Effect of Surfactant Pluronic F-68 on CHO Cell Growth, Metabolism, Production, and Glycosylation of Human Recombinant IFN-γ in Mild Operating Conditions
Improved Seeding of Chondrocytes Into Polyglycolic Acid Scaffolds Using Semi-Static and Alginate Loading Methods
Fed-batch Bioreactor Performance and Cell Line Stability Evaluation of the Artificial Chromosome Expression Technology Expressing An IgG1 in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Role of Iron and Sodium Citrate in Animal Protein-Free CHO Cell Culture Medium on Cell Growth and Monoclonal Antibody Production
Characterization of the Proteases Involved in the N-terminal Clipping of Glucagon-Like-Peptide-1-Antibody Fusion Proteins
Activity of Maize Transglutaminase Overexpressed in escherichia Coli inclusion Bodies: An Alternative to Protein Refolding
High-density Microcarrier Cell Cultures for Influenza Virus Production
Diffusion of Biologically Relevant Molecules Through Gel-Like Tissue Scaffolds
Respiration Rate in Human Primary Renal Proximal and Early Distal Tubular Cells in Vitro: Considerations for Biohybrid Renal Devices
Citrate and Phosphate Influence on Green Fluorescent Protein Thermal Stability
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Interactions and Phase Behavior of A Monoclonal Antibody
Synthesis and Biophysical Properties of Polymerized Human Serum Albumin