Microalgae as Sources of High Added-Value Compounds—A Brief Review of Recent Work
Kinetic Characterization of the Group II helicoverpa Armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus Propagated in Suspension Cell Cultures: Implications for Development of A Biopesticides Production Process
Effect of Sodium Nitroprusside on Growth and Terpenoid Indole Alkaloid Production in Catharanthus Roseus hairy Root Cultures
A Model-Based Method for Investigating Bioenergetic Processes in Autotrophically Growing Eukaryotic Microalgae: Application to the Green Algae Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii
Evaluation of Steam-Treated Giant Bamboo for Production of Fermentable Sugars
CO2 From Alcoholic Fermentation for Continuous Cultivation of Arthrospira ( Spirulina ) platensis in Tubular Photobioreactor Using Urea as Nitrogen Source
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Biocatalytic Generation of Mn(III)-chelate as A Chemical Oxidant of Different Environmental Contaminants
Protein Hydrolysis by Immobilized and Stabilized Trypsin
A New Microfluidic Concept for Parallel Operated Milliliter-Scale Stirred Tank Bioreactors
Alkaline Peroxide Assisted Wet Air Oxidation Pretreatment Approach to Enhance Enzymatic Convertibility of Rice Husk
A Novel Synthesis of Iminodiacetic Acid: Biocatalysis by Whole Alcaligenes Faecalis ZJB-09133 Cells From Iminodiacetonitrile
Continuous Rhamnolipid Production with Integrated Product Removal by Foam Fractionation and Magnetic Separation of Immobilized Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Purification, Immobilization, and Characterization of A Specific Lipase From Staphylococcus Warneri EX17 by Enzyme Fractionating Via Adsorption on Different Hydrophobic Supports
Determination of Robustness and Optimal Work Conditions for A Purification Process of A Therapeutic Recombinant Protein Using Response Surface Methodology
Process Evaluations and Economic Analyses of Recombinant Human Lysozyme and Hen Egg-White Lysozyme Purifications
Cell Clarification and Size Separation Using Continuous Countercurrent Magnetophoresis
Human T-lymphotropic Virus Tax Activates Human Cytomegalovirus Major-Immediate Early Promoter and Improves Production of Recombinant Proteins in HEK293 Cells
A Strategy for Clone Selection Under Different Production Conditions
A New Mammalian Host Cell with Enhanced Survival Enables Completely Serum-Free Development of High-Level Protein Production Cell Lines
New Bioengineering Insights Into Human Neural Precursor Cell Expansion in Culture
Effects of Extracellular Matrices Derived From Different Cell Sources on Chondrocyte Functions
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Efficient Suspension Bioreactor Expansion of Murine Embryonic Stem Cells on Microcarriers in Serum-Free Medium
Development and Implementation of A Perfusion-Based High Cell Density Cell Banking Process
Recombinant Monomeric CD40 Ligand for Delivering Polymer Particles to Dendritic Cells
Overproduction of Human M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor: An Approach Toward Structural Studies
Acceleration of Protein Aggregation by Amphiphilic Peptides: Transformation of Supramolecular Structure of the Aggregates
Why Do Solution Additives Suppress the Heat-Induced Inactivation of Proteins? Inhibition of Chemical Modifications
Immobilization of Active Human Carboxylesterase 1 in Biomimetic Silica Nanoparticles
Recombinant Lucilia Sericata chymotrypsin in A Topical Hydrogel Formulation Degrades Human Wound Eschar Ex Vivo
Passive Multivariable Temperature and Conductivity RFID Sensors for Single-Use Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Components
Studying the Drift of in Line Ph Measurements in Cell Culture
Skeletal Myotube Integration with Planar Microelectrode Arrays in Vitro for Spatially Selective Recording and Stimulation: A Comparison of Neuronal and Myotube Extracellular Action Potentials