Designing Biomaterials for in Situ Periodontal Tissue Regeneration
Use of Laccase in Pulp and Paper Industry
Timescale Analysis of Rule-Based Biochemical Reaction Networks
Expression of Biologically Active Human Clotting Factor IX in Drosophila S2 Cells: γ-Carboxylation of a Human Vitamin K-Dependent Protein by the Insect Enzyme
Effects of ptb Knockout on Butyric Acid Fermentation by Clostridium tyrobutyricum
Improving Fatty Acid Production in Escherichia coli Through the Overexpression of Malonyl CoA-Acyl Carrier Protein Transacylase
Characterization and Feasibility of a Miniaturized Stirred Tank Bioreactor to Perform E. coli High Cell Density Fed-Batch Fermentations
Enhancing the Enzymatic Digestibility of Sugarcane Bagasse through the Application of an Ionic Liquid in Combination with an Acid Catalyst
pH-Stat Fed-Batch Process to Enhance the Production of cis , cis -Muconate from Benzoate by Pseudomonas putida KT2440-JD1
Structure/Redox Potential Relationship of Simple Organic Compounds as Potential Precursors of Dyes for Laccase-Mediated Transformation
Predictive Tool for Recombinant Protein Production in Escherichia coli Shake-Flask Cultures Using an On-Line Monitoring System
Detoxification of Azo Dyes Mediated by Cell-Free Supernatant Culture with Manganese-Dependent Peroxidase Activity: Effect of Mn2+ Concentration and H2O2 Dose
Chemometrics Applications in Biotech Processes: Assessing Process Comparability
Precipitation of Filamentous Bacteriophages for Their Selective Recovery in Primary Purification
Evaluation of Escherichia coli Proteins that Burden Nonaffinity-Based Chromatography as a Potential Strategy for Improved Purification Performance
A New Aqueous Biphasic System Containing Polypropylene Glycol and a Water-Miscible Ionic Liquid
Soy Protein Recovery in a Solvent-Free Process Using Continuous Liquid–Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Ion Exchanger
Correlation of Second Virial Coefficient with Solubility for Proteins in Salt Solutions
Fluorinert, an Oxygen Carrier, Improves Cell Culture Performance in Deep Square 96-Well Plates by Facilitating Oxygen Transfer
Cell Line Specific Control of Polyethylenimine-Mediated Transient Transfection Optimized With “Design of Experiments” Methodology
Controlled Release of Nutrients to Mammalian Cells Cultured in Shake Flasks
The Enhancement of Neural Stem Cell Survival and Growth by Coculturing with Expanded Sertoli Cells in Vitro
Enterovirus 71 Adsorption on Metal Ion-Composite Chitosan Beads
Preparation, Characterization, and Properties of Fullerene–Vinylpyrrolidone Copolymers
Arginine–Aromatic Interactions and Their Effects on Arginine-Induced Solubilization of Aromatic Solutes and Suppression of Protein Aggregation
Nutrient Improvement Using Statistical Optimization for Growth of Schizophyllum Commune , and Its Antifungal Activity Against Wood Degrading Fungi of Rubberwood
Secretion of Elastin-Like Polypeptides with Different Transition Temperatures by Pichia pastoris
Amyloid Fibrils as Functionalizable Components of Nanocomposite Materials
Design, Synthesis, and Biocompatibility of an Arginine-Based Polyester
Model-Based Analysis on the Relationship of Signal Quality to Real-Time Extraction of Information in Bioprocesses
Biotin-Assisted Folding of Streptavidin on the Yeast Surface
Hybrid Modeling Framework for Process Analytical Technology: Application to Bordetella Pertussis Cultures
Improved E. coli Erythromycin A Production Through the Application of Metabolic and Bioprocess Engineering