Loofa ( Luffa cylindrica ) sponge: Review of development of the biomatrix as a tool for biotechnological applications
Cell-free protein synthesis and purification of human dopamine D2 receptor long isoform
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Strictosidine-related enzymes involved in the alkaloid biosynthesis of Uncaria tomentosa root cultures grown under oxidative stress
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Quantification of protein mixture in chromatographic separation using multi-wavelength UV spectra
Multipronged approach to managing beta-glucan contaminants in the downstream process: Control of raw materials and filtration with charge-modified nylon 6,6 membrane filters
Separation, antitumor activities, and encapsulation of polypeptide from Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Differential response in downstream processing of CHO cells grown under mild hypothermic conditions
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Glassy State and Cryopreservation of Mint Shoot Tips
Use of perfluorocarbons to enhance the performance of perfused three-dimensional hepatic cultures
Resilient immortals, characterizing and utilizing Bax/Bak deficient Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells for high titer antibody production
Cell-based screening of traditional chinese medicines for proliferation enhancers of mouse embryonic stem cells
Fermentanomics informed amino acid supplementation of an antibody producing mammalian cell culture
Very high density of CHO cells in perfusion by ATF or TFF in WAVE bioreactor™. Part I. Effect of the cell density on the process
Very high density of Chinese hamster ovary cells in perfusion by alternating tangential flow or tangential flow filtration in WAVE bioreactor™—part II: Applications for antibody production and cryopreservation
Improving of red colorants production by a new Penicillium purpurogenum strain in submerged culture and the effect of different parameters in their stability
Polyethylene glycol-based low generation dendrimers functionalized with β -cyclodextrin as cryo- and dehydro-protectant of catalase formulations
Hemorheological implications of perfluorocarbon based oxygen carrier interaction with colloid plasma expanders and blood
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Feed rate control in fed-batch fermentations based on frequency content analysis
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