Introduction to special section on CHO cells and their therapeutic products
Insertion of core CpG island element into human CMV promoter for enhancing recombinant protein expression stability in CHO cells
Elucidating the effects of postinduction glutamine feeding on the growth and productivity of CHO cells
Control of galactosylated glycoforms distribution in cell culture system
Assessment of the effect of triton X-114 on the physicochemical properties of an antibody fragment
Effect of ambient light on monoclonal antibody product quality during small-scale mammalian cell culture process in clear glass bioreactors
Modulation of mAb quality attributes using microliter scale fed-batch cultures
The bioactivity and fractionation of peptide hydrolysates in cultures of CHO cells
Capacity planning for batch and perfusion bioprocesses across multiple biopharmaceutical facilities
Efficiency improvement of an antibody production process by increasing the inoculum density
Perfusion seed cultures improve biopharmaceutical fed-batch production capacity and product quality
A practical strategy for using miniature chromatography columns in a standardized high-throughput workflow for purification development of monoclonal antibodies
Resolution of heterogeneous charged antibody aggregates via multimodal chromatography: A comparison to conventional approaches
An alternate diafiltration strategy to mitigate protein precipitation for low solubility proteins
The biotechnological potential of fibrinolytic enzymes in the dissolution of endogenous blood thrombi
UVA-induced reset of hydroxyl radical ultradian rhythm improves temporal lipid production in Chlorella vulgaris
The selective conversion of glutamic acid in amino acid mixtures using glutamate decarboxylase—a means of separating amino acids for synthesizing biobased chemicals
Physiological description of multivariate interdependencies between process parameters, morphology and physiology during fed-batch penicillin production
Partition behavior of CD133+ stem cells from human umbilical cord blood in aqueous two-phase systems: In route to establish novel stem cell primary recovery strategies
Single-step affinity purification of enzyme biotherapeutics: A platform methodology for accelerated process development
High-throughput miniaturized bioreactors for cell culture process development: Reproducibility, scalability, and control
Effects of temperature and glycerol and methanol-feeding profiles on the production of recombinant galactose oxidase in Pichia pastoris
Optimization of culture media for large-scale lutein production by heterotrophic Chlorella vulgaris
Effect of the DnaK chaperone on the conformational quality of JCV VP1 virus-like particles produced in Escherichia coli
Advanced near-infrared monitor for stable real-time measurement and control of Pichia pastoris bioprocesses
Verification of energy dissipation rate scalability in pilot and production scale bioreactors using computational fluid dynamics