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Searching for emergent and transcendent topicals
Design considerations and challenges for mechanical stretch bioreactors in tissue engineering
Surface functionalization of nanobiomaterials for application in stem cell culture, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine
Process development of a New Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine and the use of mathematical modeling to identify process optimization possibilities
Characterization of functionally active interleukin‐18/eGFP fusion protein expression during cell cycle phases in recombinant chicken DF1 Cells
Characterization of a bacterioruberin‐producing Haloarchaea isolated from the marshlands of the Odiel river in the southwest of Spain
Bio‐based extraction and stabilization of anthocyanins
Production of xylitol by a Coniochaeta ligniaria strain tolerant of inhibitors and defective in growth on xylose
CFD of mixing of multi‐phase flow in a bioreactor using population balance model
Expression of exo‐inulinase gene from A spergillus niger 12 in E. coli strain Rosetta‐gami B (DE3) and its characterization
Microbial diversity and hydrocarbon degrading gene capacity of a crude oil field soil as determined by metagenomics analysis
Astaxanthin preparation by fermentation of esters from Haematococcus pluvialis algal extracts with Stenotrophomonas species
Luffa cylindrica sponges as a thermally and chemically stable support for Aspergillus niger lipase
A versatile noninvasive method for adsorber quantification in batch and column chromatography based on the ionic capacity
Effective recovery of poly‐β‐hydroxybutyrate (PHB) biopolymer from C upriavidus necator using a novel and environmentally friendly solvent system
PDADMAC as a flocculant for lignosulfonate of NSSC pulping process
Ultrafiltration of highly concentrated antibody solutions : Experiments and modeling for the effects of module and buffer conditions
PEGylated protein separation using different hydrophobic interaction supports : Conventional and monolithic supports
Characterization of the co‐elution of host cell proteins with monoclonal antibodies during protein A purification
Clearance of extractables and leachables from single‐use technologies via ultrafiltration/diafiltration operations
A grobacterium‐mediated transformation of V itis Cv. Monastrell suspension‐cultured cells : Determination of critical parameters
Study of neuroprotective function of G inkgo biloba extract (EG b761) derived‐flavonoid monomers using a three‐dimensional stem cell‐derived neural model
Development of an infusion bioreactor for the accelerated preparation of decellularized skeletal muscle scaffolds
Selective cytotoxicity and modulation of apoptotic signature of breast cancer cells by P ithecellobium dulce leaf extracts
Mechanism investigation for poloxamer 188 raw material variation in cell culture
High levels of histone H3 acetylation at the CMV promoter are predictive of stable expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Typing and selection of wild strains of T richoderma spp. producers of extracellular laccase
Characterization of a S accharomyces cerevisiae fermentation process for production of a therapeutic recombinant protein using a multivariate Bayesian approach
Genetic mutation analysis at early stages of cell line development using next generation sequencing