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Natural regeneration in the context of large‐scale forest and landscape restoration in the tropics
Natural regeneration as a tool for large‐scale forest restoration in the tropics : prospects and challenges
Impacts of large‐scale forest restoration on socioeconomic status and local livelihoods : what we know and do not know
Natural forest regeneration and ecological restoration in human‐modified tropical landscapes
Changes in biotic and abiotic drivers of seedling species composition during forest recovery following shifting cultivation on Hainan Island, China
Recovery of tree and mammal communities during large‐scale forest regeneration in Kibale National Park, Uganda
Impacts of climate variability on tree demography in second growth tropical forests : the importance of regional context for predicting successional trajectories
Recovery of floristic diversity and basal area in natural forest regeneration and planted plots in a Costa Rican wet forest
Roles of non‐native species in large‐scale regeneration of moist tropical forests on anthropogenic grassland
The potential for automating assisted natural regeneration of tropical forest ecosystems
Scaling up farmer‐managed natural regeneration in Africa to restore degraded landscapes
Natural regeneration and biodiversity : a global meta‐analysis and implications for spatial planning
Balancing economic costs and ecological outcomes of passive and active restoration in agricultural landscapes : the case of Brazil
Ecological outcomes and livelihood benefits of community‐managed agroforests and second growth forests in Southeast Brazil
Co‐benefits of biodiversity and carbon sequestration from regenerating secondary forests in the Philippine uplands : implications for forest landscape restoration
The role of natural regeneration to ecosystem services provision and habitat availability : a case study in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Stakeholders and tropical reforestation : challenges, trade‐offs, and strategies in dynamic environments
Incorporating natural regeneration in forest landscape restoration in tropical regions : synthesis and key research gaps
A practical guide to Neotropical plant families The Kew Tropical Plant Families Identification Handbook. Edited by Timothy Utteridge and Gemma Bramley. Kew Publishing, 2014 Reviewed by Alexandre Adalardo de Oliveira and Vinicius Castro Souza ISBN : 9781842463819 (paper); 9781842465899 (ebook)
The rich coast—or the El Dorado of tropical ecology Costa Rican Ecosystems. Edited by Maarten Kappelle. The Chicago University Press, 2016 Reviewed by Norbert Kunert Paperback $65.00. ISBN : 978‐0‐226‐27893‐3 (paper); 978‐0‐226‐12164‐2 (ebook)
A short and sweet (but not too sweet), introduction to our forests Forests : A Very Short Introduction. By Jaboury Ghazoul. Oxford University Press, 2015 Reviewed by Shin‐ichiro Aiba Paperback168 pp., £7.99. Also available as an Ebook ISBN 9780198706175
Reflections on tropical forest ecology from a forest giant
Biotropica renames its ‘Outstanding Paper’ awards for two pioneering scientists
2016 Julie S Denslow & Peter Ashton Prizes for the Outstanding Articles Published in Biotropica
2016 Luis F. Bacardi Award, Alwyn Gentry Awards
2016 ATBC Honorary Fellow