Dipeptide synthesis using acetylated trypsin derivative
A dual enzyme amperometric biosensor for monitoring organophosphorous pesticides
Selective extraction of astaxanthin and chlorophyll from the green alga Haematococcus pluvialis
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Determining biomass in viscous culture broths of Sclerotium rolfsii during β-glucan production
Rapid identification of biosurfactant-producing bacterial strains using a cell surface hydrophobicity technique
High-level expression of human αs1 -casein in Escherichia coli
Quantifying the growth of sulphur-oxidizing bacteria during bioleaching of a thick suspension
Process monitoring of acetic acid in Escherichia coli cultivation using electrochemical detection in a flow injection system
Overexpression of lipase A and B of Geotrichum candidum in Pichia pastoris
Microquantification of proteins with low chromophore content
Lignin and manganese peroxidase activity in extracts from straw solid substrate fermentations