Dynamic behavior in response to pH shift during anaerobic acidogenesis with a chemostat culture
Separation and purification of periplasmic cytochrome c553 using reversed micelles
Pulsed column reactor as a novel tool for continuous enzymatic synthesis of peptide in an aqueous/organic biphasic medium
Synthesis of new oligosaccharides from raffinose by Aspergillus niger fructosyltransferase
Synthesis of vinyl arabinose ester catalyzed by protease from Streptomyces sp.
Optimisation of a cyanobacterial culture used for production of isotopes-labelled recombinant proteins
Recovery of protein from reverse micelles through gas hydrate formation
The operating line for activated sludge
Estimation of Gibbs energy changes of central metabolism reactions
Contribution of a zero current potential measurement to wine making
Fluidized bed ion exchange for improving purification of lactic acid from fermentation
Novel method for the production of a mixture containing fructooligosaccharides and isomaltooligosaccharides
On-line recovery of large molecules from mixtures using reciprocating size exclusion chromatography
Biomass estimation in solid state fermentation by modeling dry matter weight loss