Stabilization of polyvinyl alcohol coating of polyester cloth for reduction of bacterial adhesion
Determination of urinary oxalate with alkylamine glass-bound sorghum oxalate oxidase and horseradish peroxidase
Analysis of carnitine, betaine, γ-butyrobetaine, and separate short-chain acylcarnitines in pigeon plasma, crop milk and tissues by HPLC coupled with UV-detection
Use of alkaline proteases for ultrafiltration membrane cleaning
Optimization of pH and temperature for β-xylosidase recovery by reversed micelles
Continuous production of α,α-trehalose by immobilised fungal trehalose phosphorylase
Permeabilization of elicited suspension culture of madder (Rubia akane Nakai) cells for release of anthraquinones
Development of simple methods for preparation of yeast and plant protoplasts immobilized in alginate gel beads
Preservation of isoamylase adsorbed onto raw corn starch
Growth inhibition of activated sludge by humus
Defined starter system including a bacteriocin producer for the enhancement of cheese flavour
Correlation between microbial ex situ activities of two neighbouring uncontaminated and fuel oil contaminated subsurface sites
A modified AFLP with fluorescence-labelled primers and automated DNA sequencer detection for efficient fingerprinting analysis in plants
Production of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. medellin by batch and fed-batch culture
Semisynthetic culture medium for growth and dihydroxyacetone production by Gluconobacter oxydans